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Institute for Grapevine Breeding
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Institute for Grapevine Breeding Geilweilerhof

Head: Dr. Reinhard Töpfer

The Institute for Grapevine Breeding Geilweilerhof is breeding new cultivars with high resistance against pathogens of the grapevine, abiotic stress and concomitant superior wine quality. Plant protection can hereby be substantially reduced. The choice of suitable parent cultivars, their crossing and selection are the beginning of the breeding workflow, which is accompanied by research on relations between genes and traits. Resulting new or improved selection processes on the genome scale can substantially accelerate breeding. New cultivars are tested in field trials for several years before cultivar registration.

work focus

  • breeding of fungus-resistant grapevine cultivars with first-class wine quality
  • gene mapping of resistance and quality traits
  • development of genetic markers for simplifying resistance selection
  • conservation and extension of a grapevine repository and coordination of the national grapevine gene bank
  • production of international databases on grapevine cultivars, literature on viticulture and oenology, and publication of the scientific journal VITIS

research areas

gene resources, gene bank

  • collection, conservation and evaluation of grape genetic resources
  • international harmonisation of ampelographic and ampelometric parameters
  • database on genetic diversity of the grapevine
  • tapping genetic resources for grapevine breeding
  • information retrieval and political counselling

grapevine breeding

  • breeding of resistant grapevine cultivars with superior wine quality
  • methods for early selection (genetic fingerprint and phenotypic markers)
  • genome analysis in grapevine
  • identification of new resistance sources in grapevine
  • cultivation tests under different cultural practise
  • evaluation of wine and must constituents