Dr. Martin Hommes

Telephone: +49 531-299-4400
Fax: +49 531-299-3009
E-Mail: martin.hommes@we dont want

Messeweg 11/12
38104 Braunschweig

Assignments and Research Activities:

  • Investigation on biology and population dynamics of pests in vegetables and ornamentals
  • Development of integrated pest management systems
  • Cooperation in the field of minor uses
  • Development of forecasting and decision support systems
  • Efficacy evaluation of plant protection products and their active substances as part of the national licensing procedure and in the EU listing procedure (focus on biological insecticides and insecticides and acaricides for viticulture and hop production)

Memberships and Cooperations:

  • Member of the “German Phytomedical Society”  (DPG)
  • Member of the German Society for General and Applied Entomology (DGaaE).
  • Cooperation with the “International Organization for Biological and Integrated Control of Noxious Animals and Weeds” (IOBC/WPRS), Working groups “Integrated protection of field vegetables” and “Integrated control in protected crops, temperate climate“
  • Cooperation in the working group „ Working Group „Beneficial arthropods and entomopathogenic nematodes“ of the DGaaE & DPG
  • Involvement in the EPPO/IOBC Panel on „Biological control agents” for elaboration of recommendations on import and release of exotic biological control agents