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Loss reducing plant protection equipment

The Julius Kühn Institute, Federal Research Centre for Cultivated Plants (JKI) keeps the register of “Loss reducing equipment” since 1993. Until 1999 only equipment that demonstrated a drift reduction of at least 90 % compared to basic drift values could be entered into the register. In viticulture and fruit growing these are the well-known tunnel sprayers. Their use is however restricted. In 2000 the drift classes 50 % and 75 % were introduced. That is how agricultural entries became possible and in plant protection product authorisation differentiated directions for use could be issued.
By taking simple measures, despite the already existing equipment, drift reductions of more than 50% are possible, in many cases up to 75% or 90%, in one case drift could be reduced even 99 %.
In the meantime over 350 pieces of equipment were entered into the register.

Information on drift reducing plant protection equipment

Information on equipment that saves plant protection products

In 2008 the new section “Rate of saved plant protection product “ was added to the register. Up to the present day the entries listed below were made. As compared to drift reducing equipment, a fixed classification does not exist for equipment that saves plant protection products because the amount of saved product depends greatly on the cultivated crops. Therefore, the trial areas and parameters together with the achieved saving rates are illustrated in PDF files for each sprayer.